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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Jatt And Juliet 2 Full HD Punjabi Movie Download Free (2013)

Well, it’s always easy to propound something, but once it turns into a landmark then it becomes all the way too difficult to maintain it’s legacy and repute.

So finally after crafting Punjwood’s landmark movie, hit trio of Anurag Singh, Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa have once again reunited for “Jatt and Julliet 2" in order to reinvent the spell of brand "Jatt and Julliet”, the movie which emerged as an all time block buster of Punjwood". This much awaited cine flick starring Diljit Dosanjh Neeru Bajwa, Jaswinder Bhalla received a sound reception in the region and opened with an approximate occupancy of 75 percent.

But before proceeding ahead with the dissection of the movie, I would like to make one point very clear that although "Jatt and Juliet 2" has made it to cine arena under the franchise name “Jatt and Juliet", but except its name and a few character’s names, it is an absolute standalone saga which buys nothing from its prequel.

Plot of "Jatt and Juliet-2" narrates the tale of a Punjab police cop Fateh Singh (Diljit Dosanjh) who is sent to Canada by one his insecure seniors, Joginder Singh (Jaswinder Bhalla) to mollify and bring back commissioner’s daughter who is at odds with her father. Soon after everything is set at it’s place for Fateh’s departure to Canada on the pretext of searching a wanted fugitive Shampy.

On reaching Canada Fateh has a rendezvous with a female cop, or rather ‘Shapaatan’ P.Singh (Neeru Bajwa) who is deputed by Canadian authorities to help Fateh in his mission. As the frames roll ahead Fateh has a rendezvous with Preeti (Laughter Challenge fame Bharti Singh) whom Fateh mistakenly believes to be commissioner’s daughter. So amid this amusing game of hit and misses did Fateh manages to find Shampy and succeeds in finding and convincing Commissioner’s daughter?, to know check out this hilarious laughter riot crafted by Anurag Singh.

At times when cine thinkers try their hands on a sequel or try to reclaim the repute of an established franchise it garners a huge pressure around them to have at least some traces of reminiscence and resemblance of the prequel, in order to grab the cine buff’s attention. But as stated that "Jatt and Juliet-2 " is a totally standalone tale, which speaks for itself, and has its own bunch of giggles and fun, to charm the masses.

From commencement till culmination there is hardly any moment in “Jatt and Juliet-2" which in any manner compels you to avert your eyes from the celluloid. Be it gluing up of various instances or humor punches everything is knitted with such an daintiness by scriptwriter Dheeraj Rattan, that you never feel distracted throughout the run time of the movie.

Even the screenplay of the movie is dauntless and thoroughly attention grabbing. Be it flow of the narration or the cutting edge editing everything pertaining to “Jatt and Juliet-2", successfully adds to the over all appeal of the movie.

In screenplay department Anurag and Dheeraj have once again succeeded in keeping everything well within proportions. Even while being in director’s chair Anurag has once again succeeded in raising the bar. Be it about capturing the picturesque locales of Canada and Punjab or maintaining the intensity of humor, Anurag didn’t allow anything to get too loud to obliterate the over-all appeal of the movie.

Besides, this ace director of Punjwood has also quite adroitly utilized every resource in the best possible manner, to dish out another entertainment delight.

If we take a look at the music of “Jatt and Juliet-2" then with a sound amount of variation, music of the movie is simply irresistible. Although nearly all the songs of the movie manage to secure a notch on the “extol-metronome", but “Ankhiya" is the pick of the deck. So kudos for Jatinder Shah for crafting some of the praiseworthy aural delights.

Well coming to the performances, all I can say about Diljit is that “now even Punjabi cinema has turbaned hit-machine". With every flick coming his way Diljit is successfully emerging as a more seasoned actor. As far as his performance in “Jatt and Juliet-2" is concerned then it is surely going to be one of the most memorable performance from his performance bunch. Be it humor timing or some emotional expressiveness, everything in the movie, Diljit has handled with such an outstanding deftness, that he made everything look like kid’s play for him. After seeing Diljit once again performing like a seasoned actor in “Jatt and Juliet-2", I have just one line for this turbanator of Punjwood and that is " Diljit can surely kill style" by his marvelous acting potential.

Although Neeru’s presence in the movie is overshadowed by her male counterpart, but in spite of that, this sizzling beauty of Punjab has looked gorgeous and conveniently succeeds in doing a thorough justice to her “Shapaatan" avatar. Even rest of the cast comprising Jaswinder Bhalla, Rana Ranbir Rana Jung Bahadur, Dolly Mattoo et al also well complements the lead pair and impresses you with their honest and praiseworthy performances.

To sum up , while watching “Jatt and Juliet-2" please keep in mind its standalone characteristic, and it will be wrong to compare it with it’s prequel which was undoubtedly a landmark movie of Punjwood history. So better see “Jatt and Juliet 2" as a story in itself which too has got ample amount of entertainment to impress you.

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